Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have a thing for papers, all kinds of papers. Along with journals, but I have found that they're a little too big to haul around everywhere I go on a daily basis. That's why I came up with this funky little on-the-go journal necklace. Perfect size for doodling. Finding a use for all of the little scraps of pretty papers that seem to be everywhere in my studio has never been so cool!!!

This journal was created using an old book cover.  It has 40 pages(80 front and back)of random hand cut (by me) recycled and vintage papers. Recycling has never been so pretty. 

You can find these wonderful mini journals in my Pressing Dandelions Shop...

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Gretchen likes to read American stories about cowgirls and heros of the Wild West. Her favorite color is periwinkle. Please keep this in mind when you color her clothing. She likes to walk her little dog Gilley down to the corner bakery on Saturday morning for a banana cupcake. 

Meet Ruby Bloom

Meet Ruby Bloom Samson. Ruby lives in brownstone in New York. She attends St. Mary's school for girls where she is learning Latin and pre-algebra. On Wednesdays, her mother takes her to ice skating lessons. After the lesson, she and her mother like to stop at their favorite Pizza place for a slice of pepperoni. They eat their pizza in Central Park and watch the swallows peck at the crumbs on the ground.

For her eighth birthday, Ruby's Uncle Walter bought her a dove. Ruby named her Sunday.  Sunday likes to chirp and chatter, especially when Ruby comes home from school.  Ruby's father likes to say that Sunday got her name because she talks all week long and twice as much on Sundays.


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