Thursday, May 10, 2012

Saying goodbye is always a hard thing to do.

Five 2010-2012 Stampin' Up! In colors are retiring after May 31. Pear Pizzazz, Peach Parfait, Concord Crush, Poppy Parade and Blushing Bride. What color are going miss?

...oh dang, I can not pick just one... I am really gonna miss Pear Pizzazz, I painted my studio in this color! Poppy Parade made me happy and was so much fun to use as that "pop" of happy color. And where am I gonna find that perfect pink :(...saying goodbye to Blushing Bride is like a very sad breakup, booohooo.

So get your hoarding on and get your 2010-2012 Stampin' Up in colors card stock, markers, ribbons and brads while they last. Because come June 1st they are history! 

                         Happy hoarding,
                                  Leslii :)

Download Tuesday....Oh Crap Thursday!!!

Download Tuesday...Oh CRAP Thursday! And Wowwwie so dinggn' the map! Aren't these digitals fabulous!!!
You purchase these great new digital images here.

 also don't forget you can try My Digital Studio for 30 days for free! Downloads can be used with MDS and with other programs.

                                 Happy creating in digital!
                                                 Leslii :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

20 Miles

Yesterday, Sunday May 6th I walked 20 miles thru Boston, Brookline, Newton, Watertown, Cambridge and back into Boston. Raised over $2,000.00 for Project Bread, to help end hunger in Massachusetts! I lost my teammates, Candi Bettencourt & Laurie Perry (love you guys! And I am so happy we did this) at 11.25 miles but I had to pushed forward and try to finish what we set out to do as a team, Team Fervid Missfits  to walk 20 miles and oh yes I did in 7.5 hours!!! The last 4 miles I did with my new teammates that I met on mile 16, they were all in their 20's and this was their 5th walk. I don't think I could have finished without them! YAY ME!!! What a great day!

I and two of my good friends, Candi Bettencourt and Laurie Perry for the first time took part in Project Bread's 2012 Walk for Hunger. This year being the 44th walk.  43,000 people gathered on the Boston Commons between 7am to 9am at the starting line. They brought in 3.6 millions dollars.

Why did I walk 20 miles you ask? Because hungry families need our help! Food insecurity continues to rise in Massachusetts with over 700,000 people struggling to put healthy food on the table – that is 10.8% of our neighbors that need our help right here in our own backyard.

The money raise by walking part or all of the entire 20-mile route help Project Bread fund hunger relief and prevention through 450 emergency programs, schools, community health centers, farmers' markets, community suppers, home care organizations, and other programs that protect the individual and strengthen our community's food security. Last year alone, programs funded with money from the Walk were able to provide 65.2 million meals to hungry people.

I have to say that this was on hell of memorable experience! I woke up at 5am(I am so not a morning and am normally not functioning until like somewhere between 9am and 10 day are hell I hate 7:30am!) Sunday morning hoping to do 15 miles of the 20. I had no idea I could go the entire 20 miles and let me tell you the feeling of crossing that finish line was just so freaking incredible!!! My teammates, Husband, Greg and our 7 year old daughter, Trin were all waiting for me. I am looking forward to doing this walk next year! I may not be able to move off my couch for the next 3 days but dang it was so well worth every step and every ache and pain my poor 44 year old body is feeling right now. yo

Signing in 7:45am. Laurie, Me & Candi

Team Fervid Missfits 2012 at the Starting Line

Lots of people walking for a great cause!

About 2 miles in.

Road were closed just for us walkers.

3 chicks in their 40s mile 4.

Walkers behind for as far as one can see, walkers in front of us for as far one can see.

Around Brookline Newton area.

We found Waldo!

6 Miles still going.

 Laurie is wearing Candi's extra pair socks for mittens :)

and this were I lost my 2 teamamtes :(.  Going this alone.

Greg & Trin picked up to hurting teammates. 
My little cheerleader waving her handmade sigh. YAY Trini!!!

This is the text I got:
"Laurie and I made it 11.25 miles. Leslii is a champ and still going!
 We have managed to inhale everything not nailed down at Panera Bread with Greg and Trin."

As I push forward I hit 13 miles, still feeling pretty darn good.

Woke up at 5am with the goal of doing 15 miles out of the 20...I have now gone to 16 miles
and I am not going to give up yet! At this point I have met some pretty cool 20 something year old gals who are on their 5th Project Bread walk. I now have new teammates :).

My new teamamtes and I have just crossed 18 miles and are heading over the bridge back into Boston jamn' to Salt n' Pepper tunes! Of all bands they are listening to mid 80's these 20 something year old gals are pretty dang funny! 
 At just 3 blocks away from the finish line we get stopped for traffic...Everything from my hips down start is hurt, oh no can't stop moving now, not this close to the end! The volunteer at this intersection was so dang funny and took his job pretty darn serious about motivating the walkers . He made about 100 of us stopped there waiting dance! Yes I said dance as in get your groove on! He sings "Everyone hands up in the air!" waving his hands high up to the sky. "Everyone hands way down low!" as he hits the ground. "Everyone shake your booties now! Shake shake!!!" as he dancing like he has not walked 19 miles! Well he noticed that I was not getting my groove on... and I was singled out! Damn it! "Hey Red" he says with a big smile on his face pointing at me  "No ones goes till we all dance"...I get the eyes of death from a ton tried hurting peeps that just want to finish this thing up. I yell as loud as I can waving my hands up in the air "Hands up in the air! Hands way down low! See me shaking my bootie! Now let us GO!!!"  and with a "Thatta' girl!"  we all flee to the finish line.

Boston Garden and one more street to cross...finish line I so see you!

 Trin & Candi waiting at the finish line for me :).

Those last few steps of 20 miles are right in front of me!

and oh YAY BABY I did it! I walked 20 miles for hunger! This was the most incredible feeling ever!

My "new" teammates! I could not have done the last 4 miles without these cool chicks!

Yes I sure did do this for real. I checked in at every checkpoint 20 miles. I did this for my team,
 Team Fervid Missfits!!!

 Trini gave me this "I am so proud of my Mom award for walking 20 miles today to help other people in need! You totally ROCK today Mom" I love my kid!!!

This day will forever be a part of my soul! Thank Candi for roping me into this! Laurie & Candi I love you both! 2013 here we come!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Craft Show Wayland MA.

On Thursday April 26th I was apart of  "Pamper yourself" craft fair to help raise money for the Wayland Massachusetts public schools. Here are just a few pictures of my booth.


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