Saturday, September 3, 2011

There is a hole in my world...

So long my sweet sweet girl. RIP "Tucker" Nantucket. I will always have you in my heart. Feb. 15 1990 - Sept. 2 2011. We have been together for just over 21 1/2 years it is really hard to believe that you are gone. I will miss you for sure my friend! 
I can't seem to pick up your food and water bowls. I feel your with me, but I miss our cuddle time. I miss your sounds, walking around the house in the middle of the night, walking across me while I sleep, hearing you calling out to me from time to time.  There is a great big hole in my world. My heart hurts... real bad. Tears flow when I least expect. Just When I think I can't cry any more I do. I believe this is all part of the feeling of love. You were loved Tucker.


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