Thursday, October 8, 2009

Junk Envy

Personally I have an affinity to junk!  I seem to be a junk magnet - it collects me! I have no control.  I don't think of it as junk, I look at it as my treasures.  It might be "junk" to some but for me I see potential in everything.  I have a really hard time of getting rid of things.  I wouldn't say I have a hoarding problem, my treasures have yet to take over my world.  But my family seems to think I am a bit crazy with the many many different thing I seem to have in my studio.  I partly blame my upbringing of recycle, save, reuse. Now it's hip to recycle your junk.  So before you go tossing something out in the trash think about what else that something can be used for.  Junk can be inspirational.

I would love to see what you may have reused in a jewelry design, or in a piece of art, and even reusing something in a totally different way.

Antique Key

Antique Crystal

Potty Shard

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