Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bits & Pieces of My World Vol. 1

So, I could never really get into "scrap booking." Trust me I have tried and tried and tried but every time I seemed to fail and fail so badly!...Till I funked it up a bit, let the artist in me really come out and put my own twist on "scrap booking" and this what happened. I believe I am now a "scrap booker!"  I get it now.

So I have come with an 8 inch by 8 inch scrap book. Page one is a piece of art crated with inks, rubber stamps, watercolors, oil pastels, paper punches, embellishments and markers using fun art techniques. I made a 4" x  4" window mask and laid it down on top of my 8" x  8" piece of paper, then just crating a colorful square using the photo for inspiration. I then added some handwritten text around my pretty art piece. For page two I wanted the photo to mirror page one, so I  cropped a 4 " x  6" photo down to a 4" x  4"  photo and placed it right in the middle of my 8" x  8" piece of card stock and using a black sharpie I outlined my photo. For some more added design to make the two pages really work together I placed a 4" x  4"  mask over my photo and then using some grey ink and a few of the rubber stamps used on page one I placed just a few on one corner. Lastly I added names, dates and places to the bottom of the photo.

"Life is like sweet lemonade you savor every taste live it to its fullest never a day should you waste. Drink in all your surroundings fill yourself from within close your eyes and relish it all."

"Disney World October Avery & Triniti 2008

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