Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sew not rags anymore.

In my walk-in closet there is this big old heavy and I mean very HEAVY plastic lift off top 1957 Singer sewing machine that belongs to my husband, yes you read that right, my mother-in-law was a home ec teacher, so it's only fitting that each one of her children would end up with one of her sewing machines.  Well after tripping over this big old heavy sewing machine so many times I thought well maybe I just might be able to figure out how to use it and just maybe I could make something. So the other day I got this crazy idea in my head "I am going to make a rag quilt! Yes a rag quilt." After a weekend of researching just how to go about making one of this adorable quilts I lugged that oh so very heavy old Singer sewing machine down a flight of stairs and plunked it down on the dinning room table, where I got to work cutting out square after square after square of 5 different patterned fabrics and then cutting square after square after square of batting to only follow that all by  cutting square after square after square of my backing fabric. Lots and lots of cutting and lot and lots of squares. I then found myself staring at this very old very strange machine very puzzled as to go about treading the darn thing! There was no manual and no diagram to follow. I asked my husband just how do you thread this thing and he looked at me with that very same puzzled look I had just had. Oh no! Now what was I going to do?  I was at a loss...awww google, yes google that magically place where all the answers in the world are found! So there I sat with this 1957 Singer sewing machine right in front of me and my 2011 brand new awesome very smart laptop just to the right of me googling  Singer sewing machine model # 237  and woweee the world of everything sewing popped up! YAY for google! I was now staring at a picture of step by step how to tread this dinosaur of a machine. First try and we were off and sewing!  Well 9 hours later I ended up with a 26 inch by 26 inch quilt. Yes I did it all by myself...YAY me!!! I did it, really really did it.  Oh darn! I really really think I like this sewing stuff...just what I need another crafty thing in my life. So I will sew in my spare time...hahaha that was just pretty darn funny, what spare time? Silly me.

I got a little help with cutting my many, many, many squares. Using my  Stampin Up Big Shot machine (113439) and the Stampin up Bigz Clear Scallop Square Die (115950).

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