Monday, September 28, 2009

Why only in the UK?

Okay this is just driving me nuts today.  So today a girlfriend of mine calls to say "hello". Well anyways after talking about a ton of stuff, she told me about a pair of killer boots that she found online. Of course I just had to see what she was talking about and thank God for email!!! What was life like before computers, internet and email?  I so don't want go back and remember those days.   Meanwhile I opened my email from her and OH MY God right there was a  picture of a sweet and I mean SWEET pair of Rocket Dog wedge boots that could be the everyday boot for the fall/winter season this year. I mean those babies could go with anything and everything . One look and I was in love!!!  Where do I get my pair...sign me up, here's my card number can't wait for the Fedx dude to walk up to my front door with that box.  WHAT!? WHAT!? What do you mean I can't get them unless I buy them from a UK site. So my girlfriend tells me. Dang! DAMN! Really?! Well what the hell is up with can only buy them in the UK. No way really...? Well after an hour looking online both of us were just like, well that totally sucks. And so you ask well what's the big deal.  It's 2009 we have the internet, after all if it wasn't for the internet you wouldn't even know that those boots even were on this planet.  True very true, but come on that's so not fair...SO NOT FAIR.  Why can I get other Rocket Dog boots online in US sites but not that pair.  I so don't get it.  I can buy them on  Why can't I buy them from (US).  Once again so not fair.   Now I have to pay for over sea shipping rates :(, and wait and wait and wait for the Fedx dude to show up with my SWEET new Rocket Dog boots.  Unlike if I could have gotten them on with my prime shipping, and I would get them in like two days or less.  Makes me wonder why they are not offered here in the US.  Huh?

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