Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Way cool Recycling idea...

 Don't throw away those old candles...

Here is what you need:

wax (you can use candles and melt them), metal cookie lid, cookie cutters, newspaper, nylon thread, ribbon, wooden sticks, needle, plier, crimp beads, beads & findings.

Make sure that you work safe when working with hot wax. Cover the area that you are working on with newspaper. Put the cookie lid on top of it & heat the wax.

Fill the metal cookie lid with wax.

Let the wax set for a while until it is stiff but still feels warm. That allows you to press cookie cutters into it without the wax cracking. You have to work quick now as the wax cools down fast. Press as many cutters as possible in the lid.

You can then remove the wax around the cutted shapes.

When you push lightly, the shape will come loose.

If it's still warm, you can easily put a needle through the wax figure. Or you can heat the needle in the flame of a candle.

Or put the wooden stick in the cut out wax figure but only halfway.

Or you can push a hole from front to back.

All the left over wax can go back into the pan and you can re-heat it again if you need more figures.

Then the figures are ready to make decorations from. Add a little ribbon to the wax decorations. They will look super in flower pots.

Or make some ornaments to hang in a branch or on a gift. Cut a piece of metal wire.

Fold it double and place a ribbon in between.

Then pull it through the hole you made in the wax decoration.

Pull the double pieces of ribbon through the loop and make a knot at the end.

Tada! :)

Or make a nice garland with beads and findings. First make a loop and close it with a crimpbead.

Press the crimpbead with the plier.

Then start threading beads & findings according to your taste and add the wax decorations in between.

End the vertical garland again with a crimpbead.

Here is another garland with the flowers. First add a loop and then knots, wooden beads and wax flowers.

Here are the results:

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