Monday, March 1, 2010

So long my pretty boy Ashbii...1992-March 1, 2010

It's been a very long and hard day. My pretty boy Ashbii passed away at 12:45 am. I sort of felt that the end was coming 2 days ago. My heart is heavy right now. I had no idea that saying goodnight to him last would be the last time. At 12:30am we were all woken up by a sound like no other, a very strange meow, as if he was saying ...goodbye to all of us for the very last time, 3 deep breaths and he was gone. When I heard him I just knew it, Ashbii was on the floor of "his" room(Trini's bedroom)very still and peaceful. We all said our goodbyes to him and then wrapped him up in a blanket. at 2am I tried to go back to bed but I just couldn't sleep. Tucker(Nantucket is her name) has yet to leave me alone. I truely believes she missed Ashbii just as much I do. They have been best friends since the day Ashbii walked into our lives. He was a stray who just so happened to adopted us back in the fall of 1992. He was a very strange kitty, pretty much spent alot his life under my bed or hanging with Tucker. He was scared of everyone and everything. He was a very sweet loving cat to me. Ashbii was such a pretty Maine coon cat and would strut his stuff like a drag queen, we often said that if he was human he would have been the greatest drag queen on the planet. I so hope that he has found his was to a grand place where he can come out of the closet(or in his case out from under the bed) and just be happy and at peace and not scared of anything. Ashbii my friend you were loved and gave so much love to me, you are missed deeply and I want to thank you for what you brought in to my life...Rest in Peace my friend I look forward to seeing you in heaven one day. 
Tucker & Ashbii (Ashbii 1992-March 1,2010

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