Sunday, September 5, 2010

Foster Failures

This is the weekend we think is Skyy birthday.  If you don't know who Skyy is then let me tell you a little bit about her.  Sometime in late September of last year my girlfriend Sue sent a picture of a very cute very small Great Pyr mix puppy that had less then a day to live in a Kentucky gas shelter along with her mom. Well it was love at first sight, I was going to save and foster that pup and her mom no matter what hoops I had to go through to get them both to safety. Long story short, on December 12 after traveling 2 days up north by the Rescue Riders at midnight Sue arrived at my backdoor with the cutest, sweetest and most loving puppy ever. Skyy grow on all of us and Stolii our other dog seemed to really like the new addition,  we ended up foster failures.  It has been very crazy around here with a puppy and an older dog at the same time. There has been many pairs of shoes eaten, kids toys distorted, furniture chewed, break outs from the fenced in yard at all times of the day and night, tons of puking in the car, big holes dug in the front yard and way more dog hair then one can keep up with, but most of all Skyy is the most loving , sweet dog on the planet. She thinks everyone was put on this earth just for her to play with and love.

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