Friday, September 3, 2010

The School Bus.

So on Wed. Sept. 1, 2010 my one and only child put on her backpack and together we walked out the door to the bus stop to wait for the school bus, along with Skyy, Stolii  and Daddy. Trini was getting very excited about riding the school bus for the very first time in her whole entire life(her words) . The very best part about this first day of school was that she got to pick one parent to ride along and spend the day with her in kindergarten...How happy was I when she picked me :), I was going back to kindergarten.  Finally we heard the roar of the bus coming up the hill and then saw the big yellow school bus heading towards us. Trini was jumping and screaming " It's coming!!!It's coming!!! It's here!!! I see my school bus!!!"  The flashing lights went on, the bus came to a stop and then the big doors opened with a great big friendly  "Hello Triniti. How are you today? I am Sue and I will be your bus driver for the year." Together both of us  jumped up the steps and onto the big yellow bus,  we were the very first stop, we could pick any seat we wanted. Trin chose one close to the front and behind the driver. Trini was just so shocked that her bus driver knew her name. She answered Sue after we sat down with "I'm great! This so doesn't look like my Daddy's big band tour bus?"  Sue the bus driver laughed and said "Nope not today but I will work on making it look more like that for you for tomorrow." Trini said "WOW!!! Really your gonna put a big flat screen t.v in here? Cool!"

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