Monday, January 18, 2010

5 letters can make one hell of a mess in my studio...TAXES

I am so not that good with using a computer to run my business. 

It's that time of year again. Time to close out the 2009 financials and organize all the files so we can file the taxes. It's not my favorite thing to do. Oddly, it's not my LEAST favorite thing to do - that distinction goes to cleaning up all of the bits and pieces out of a clogged vaccum cleaner...that seems to happen pretty much on a monthly base now.

I have spent this day digging thru my many piles, boxes and of course my purse for all of my business receipts. This is even more dreadful than you would think as I have not kept any receipt  in any tidy files in way that would make it a terribly tedious, but quite simple job. Nope. Not me. For the last year, I have piled, flung, stuffed, and shoved most of my business receipt into a cold, dark, metal box, or lost in the many high piles of papers that seem to just appear over night on my desk along with my purse and one other box.  No separators, no dividers. It's absolute bedlam in here.

So I have spent most of my day dividing them into neat little piles all over the floor of my studio according to month and category. It has been one very long day if I do say so myself.  At the end of this day I ended up with a big zip lock bag full of receipts along with 3 pages breaking down, sales, donations, and money spent to keep things running...oh what fun.

Note to self...2010 will be the year that I will be more organized!!!

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