Wednesday, February 8, 2012

it's all about ME!

Pin It So I was given a challenge 2 weeks ago. I won a raffle goodie bag and in that goodie bag was a blank "decorate it yourself" 5 inch by 5 inch  journal with a sheet of paper giving a few how to guild lines as to go about making  a creative art book along with a few pieces of pretty paper and some baker's twine. Well this book has been sitting on my  desk just starring at me for some time now. So there I found myself this past Monday I had hit a  wall and just could not get the creative juices flowing at all! It was a bad morning...Anyways I picked up this blank journal book and got a bunch of things out on my work table and suddenly things just started to came together, I was making something pretty while making my studio very messy! So here is what my "not so creative block Monday" came to...the front PAGE of my very first ever creative art journal book.

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