Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The perfect day

Pin It With the cover, page 1 and 2 all finished it was on to yet another blank page page 3. With our resent trip to Paris still fresh in my thoughts I printed out a very small version of one of my favorite pictures I took while there.  There is a cute little story that goes along with this picture, we had just taken a private tour of the city and as we were getting out of the car there we were at the end of this very pretty ally way and this was the view we had, just breath taking!  Trin, our 7 year old daughter  looked up at the Eiffel Tower and said "Holy shhhhiChap! it's so big!" Greg and I both laughed and said how big did you think it was going to be and she held her hands a little bit over her head...silly little girl. I do have to say that our one day on January 16th 2012 in Paris France to celebrate Trin's 7th birthday will go down as one the most perfect days in my life.

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