Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My silly little Valentine's

Pin It So every year my daughter insists on making her classmates their Valentine's Day cards and of course this year was no different. She says " It truly comes from my heart when I make something." So how does one argue that point! This year she was going for a "you color my world" theme, so we gathered all of her many tons of crayons one night and started to peel off the wrappers and had a blast mashing them up into tiny little pieces to be melted into heart shapes. It was pretty cool to see them all becoming  little worlds of color. She then set herself up in "her" studio (the kitchen table) and went to work making the heart shaped cards and with my help we had come up with a clever Valentine's Day card for all her friends and teachers. Happy Valentine's Day to you, hope you enjoy your day as much as I enjoyed my time making wonderful memories with my daughter. 

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