Thursday, February 9, 2012

"what do I share & what do I keep...hidden inside?" page 1

Pin It So with the front cover all done by the end of the work day on Monday, I walked into a very messy studio Tuesday morning   and I was all excited to hit page 1! Well crap, won't you know it...there laid page 1, just a blank canvas in the mist of utter chaos and it was looking like it was gonna be blank  for some time. Once again I have run into a creative road block. What to do?... What to do?...With nothing coming to mind as to where to go with page 1, I started to clean up the oh so dreaded ordeal I had created all over my work table the day before. Hoping it would help in the  process of what would become of page 1.  With the work space all cleaned up I was still at a loss,  I decided that maybe I should just start with finding 3 colors that I like together and go from there. So out came poppy parade, pool party(oh how I just love those 2 color's names. makes me think of fun times  spent outdoors all day long in the summer. My happy months!)  and soft suede in inks, markers, pretty papers and ribbons. With out even putting much thought into my next step I went over to my oh so over flowing shelves of rubber stamps and just grabbed at random 3 sets. Next was punches, hearts it is! So there I was armed with all of these wonderful things just waiting to become a piece of  "art" work on page 1. Sticking to my color pallet and not really thinking about what was going to happen next I discovered I was totally making page 1 come to life. 

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